Testimonial – Don

My wife brenda and I have worked side by side for over 50 years creating active income. That means like many of you, we got up every morning, got the kids ready, sent them off to school, and then we went to work for the man. We worked many jobs in order that we might have that active income. Obviously we were the active part of that active income. We realized what we needed was passive income. Money that would be coming in to us every month, whether we were active or not. So, We started going to real estate investment groups and that’s where we met Til Lowery. We heard her presentation on mailbox money and right away, we were interested. Three weeks later, we attended her seminar. Til explained that we could receive passive income by helping others get a home that they weren’t able to get themselves through conventional methods. And that just made sense to us. To be able to get income for ourselves by helping someone that couldn’t get a home on their own. So, 3 weeks later, Til found a family that needed our help. 30 days after that, we closed on our first home. That family got a beautiful 2 story, 3 bed, 2 bath, beautiful home right across the street from a park, and they love it. Currently, with Til’s help, we are waiting to close on a second home . Every time I get a check in the mail, I am reminded of the family whose lives we been able to change and how it has improved us by giving us that passive income that we needed. Or as Til would say, mailbox money.

-Don, Investor


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