Testimonial – Angel and Francis

We come from Paris and have been here for only 11 months, and we have our OWN house. Do you believe that? That is incredible. Til Lowery helped us and we found owner financing with Til and our Realtor. You can trust Til because you know, It is not a dream. We have lived in our place for 2 days and we have 3 children. We are so happy and people cannot believe that we have our own house after living here for just ONE year. We are so happy that I cannot find my words. You can trust Til Lowery. She is a professional, and she is more than a professional, she’s human. You can trust her and call her when you need. She will answer your questions, and she will be at your side at every step until you have your own house. Trust Til. You can call us if you need to.

-Angel and Francis, Homebuyers


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